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Jiri Peremsky

My whole life seemed to channel me toward my profession as a Rolfer and trainer when I started walking at the age of 9 months which created its own set of imbalances and problems in my legs and hips. I started playing soccer nearly as soon as I could walk and have been involved in many sports throughout my life. During these sports and activities, I always battled a some level of tightness, pain, and/or discomfort. Because of the issues I suffered, I was always interested in the mechanics of movement during my younger years, leading me to study sports science through high school and university in Czech. When I moved to the US in 2001, I began a career as a massage therapist which exposed me to the world of Rolfing. After being Rolfed myself, I felt a freedom of movement I've never experienced before. Now I had found something that gave a level of effortlessness to everything I do, whether it’s playing soccer and beach volleyball, or simply moving in the gravity field. I knew immediately that this career path would allow me to share that feeling with others and that is what I was meant to do all along. Now I work with people of all ages (including a 96 yr old gentleman) and all levels of athletic ability, including those suffering from chronic pain, injuries, and surgeries to professional dancers, Pilates and yoga instructors, surfers, martial artists, volleyball players, and people who spend hours hunched over the computer every day. Often times I find that the chronic pain and injuries come from repetitive motion activities, whether its the sport you play or the job you do.

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