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Enjoy Holistic Massage Therapy At Rolfing Jiri Peremsky

At Upright Strength, we practice the holistic Massage Therapy technique of Rolfing - a system of bodywork designed around a series of sessions using connective tissue manipulation and movement education. The goal of our Newport Beach Massage Therapy is to restore normal human function by improving structure.

Rolfers lengthen, align and balance the body in gravity by releasing chronic shortenings and holding patterns due to the physical and emotional stress of everyday living. When misaligned, gravity is experienced in our bodies as a subtle stress to tense up against as we maintain our uprightness. Once aligned, gravity supports our structure by simultaneously grounding and lifting us.

Results include a body that is:

  • More energetic
  • More flexible and youthful 
  • And best of all - pain-free!

Traditionally, Rolfing® is done in a series of ten sessions each one building upon the results of the last in the fascial restructuring of the body. Each session addresses specific body structures and their relationships to each other, keeping the unique issues of the whole person in mind. 

    Improve Your Posture With Our Rolfing Massage Therapy Classes

    An improved posture is the first step toward a pain-free existence and through a series of Massage Therapy, our renowned Rolfing technique can do just that.

    With slow, deep pressure and a few gentle movements, the pliable quality of fascia in your body is contacted allowing the Rolfer to release and realign your entire body, unwinding the primary adhesion and its compensations.

    Benefits include:

    • Resolved symptomatic pain
    • Improved skeletal alignment and support
    • Enhanced sitting, standing and action functions

    Addressing Your Individual Concerns

    Rolfing® Massage Therapy is experienced as a very individual process based on the history of injuries and chronic tension patterns of each person. The sensation can range from light to deep, from pleasurable to intensely mind-body altering.

    However, most clients experience a slow, steady pressure followed by a feeling of release and lightness. The relationship between Rolfer and client determines the depth and speed the tissue requires staying at ease and present for a change.

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